Event planner & Tournament organizer

In the gaming industry an online tournament or LAN is without a doubt the best and most important way to promote a business and also to express its identity. 

Online tournaments

Create your own unique gaming experience and interact directly with potential customers.

Live events

Interact physically with the key audience through a unique experience created by you that may include: display or sale of products, meet & greet with influencers, raffles, viewing party and much more.

Social media marketing

Expose your brand in front of thousands of potential customers through key channels like TikTok, Twitch and Youtube.

Influencer marketing

Increase your brand awareness through the most prominent figures in gaming.

About us

eSports Gateway is a tournament organizer & event planner based in Romania.  We have hosted thousands of tournaments over 3 different regions: Europe, North & South America. Our main focus is to help companies grow their brand and achieve strategic goals by organizing gaming events for Gen-Z and Millennials.

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