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We help brands and tournament platforms reach consumers through esports tournaments and live events.

Make things easier for you

Fueled by a passion for esports, we are not just organizers – we’re here to be your partners in success. Beyond the events, we’re your dedicated guides, offering strategic insights and consulting services to help you navigate the ever-evolving esports landscape. Our team is here not just to deliver services but to assist you every step of the way.


3.25 bl

Gamers world wide

+30 m

Daily streamers

$1.50 bl

Global esports market size value

We will take care of everything

Online tournaments​

Create your own unique gaming experience and interact directly with potential customers.​

Social Media Marketing

Expose your brand in front of thousands of potential customers through key channels like TikTok, Twitch and Youtube.

Live Events


Interact physically with the key audience through a unique experience created by you that may include: display or sale of products, meet & greet with influencers, raffles, viewing party and much more.​

Influencer Marketing

Increase your brand awareness through the most prominent figures in gaming.

How does this work ?

Intro call

We’ll discuss your goals, requirements, budget and vision for promoting your brand in esports.


We will determine which services are needed from our end and start working on tasks such as assembling the team, processing of visual and marketing materials, and creating the project timeline and cost estimate: all of which are going to be presented to you in a project plan.


After securing project approval and establishing the budget, our team kicks into action during the setup phase. This involves assembling the entire project from start to finish. We delve into crafting visual and marketing materials, and diligently work on creating the project timeline and cost estimate. The end result is a comprehensive project plan that we’ll present to you, covering all aspects.


Our team of industry experts will work towards creating and delivering a marketing campaign that is going to reach your target audience. Typically, these campaigns include numerous social media posts.

The big moment

Here weeks of planning and preparation all come together. We’re going to execute your esports online tournament or live event to perfection whether it’s a live stream to online viewers across multiple digital platforms or an exhilarating live event with fans cheering on the action in person!


Our project manager will craft a post-event report that is going to be presented to you once finished. If required, eSports Gateway will take care of paying out prizes and delivering all the goodies. 

Let's talk...

For any questions or details regarding our Products and Services, do not hesitate to contact us. Tell us briefly what are you interested in and let’s setup a call to discuss about your requirements.

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About us

Welcome to eSports Gateway, your partner in navigating the dynamic world where brands and gamers converge. We specialize in fostering meaningful connections between brands and the vibrant gaming community. Our mission goes beyond business – we’re dedicated to helping gamers forge lasting friendships and build thriving communities.

At eSports Gateway, we believe in the transformative power of gaming. Our team is passionate about creating a gateway for brands to authentically connect with the gaming culture while simultaneously empowering gamers to build genuine, supportive communities.