Because every business has different objectives we offer a range of whitelabel services to meet your needs:

App downloads or website registration: Access to events is granted only to users who have downloaded your app or signed up on your website.

Survey: Collect data from gamers to gain information and insights into various topics of your interest.

Purchase a product: In order for a player or team to join a competition they will have to purchase your product. A highly efficient method especially for Retail & Consumer goods.

Giveaways: Grow your engagement and push product adoption by running giveaways for your followers / subscribers. Giveaways be run pre-competition or directly on livestream.

Follow/Subscribe: Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Twitch or Youtube players will have to follow or subscribe your social media account in order to participate.

Subscribers: A process where players have to subscribe your newsletter to receive an invitation to the competition.

Close-up of gamer using RGB keyboard and mouse for online competition. Professional gamer playing space shooter video games in gamming room with neon light
Online Tournaments

Allows players to compete from the comfort of their own home with equipment they are used to

Two team of e-sports athlete competition in Esports competition. Blue team and Red team fight in cyber war game for Trophies and rewards money. Vector flat illustration.
LAN Tournaments

In contrast with an online tournament, a player must acclimatise themselves at a LAN event - this includes both the environment and equipment)

Hybrid Tournaments

A combination between online and LAN. Basically the first phase of the tournament will be held online ending up with the best teams confronting live

ONLINE Ladders

Unlike a tournament which usually have an element of elimination , ladder competitions can go over a period of time. (Days, Weeks, Months). In a ladder competition, players are listed as if on the rungs of a ladder.

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ONLINE Leaderboard

Multiple tournaments are linked to ladder and the winner is decided by the total number of points acumulated.

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