Official ESG Tournament Ruleset and Prizes List


The Tournament may be structured in 8 Qualifiers and 1 Grand Final.

In the case with want to skip the line you can purchase a ticket for $14.99 / TEAM

When purchasing a ticket you automatically receive your own personalized Gaming Logo worth $25.

To purchase a ticket you need to send the money through PayPal to and contact @Leadership on Discord.


Tournament Settings:

Bracket Type: BO1, Single Elimination
Match Type: Winner of the match will advance to next round
Winner: First to 13 rounds or +2 differential in overtime
No Show Time: 5 minutes
Match Ready time: 5 minutes
Format: 5v5
Platforms: PC
Game Settings

Mode: Standard
Cheats: Off
Choosing the Map

Map bans will be done via Battlefy match chat.
Allowed maps: Bind, Haven, Split, Ascent, and Icebox are legal.
The higher seeded team is Team A
How to choose the maps:
Team A bans map 1
Team B bans map 2
Team A chooses map 3 which will be played
Team B chooses Defense or Atack side
How to play:

All games should be played on a central host, if that is not possible and teams cannot agree on the server, then the winner of the /coinflip will host the game.
The hosting team will then friend request and invite their opponent to the game session and begin their match.
Teams must take screenshots after the game has concluded and be able to provide this info when requested.
The winning team of the match is required to upload the screenshot as evidence and input the results on Battlefy.




1st place 1x Invitation to the Gateway Grand Final

Grand Final

1st place: Bundle ( Team Logo, Team Youtube banner, Team Twitch Banner, Team Video Intro)

To receive your prize – join the Discord and contact @Leadership

Delivery time for each digital prize is between 2-5 working days.


Select the games you play, click the reactions, gaining access to the chat rooms.