Official ESG Tournament Ruleset and Prizes List

Game Settings

Match ready time :5 minutes
Check-in for the tournaments starts 60 minutes before the tournament start time.
Double Elimination\
3 Stock 7 min
Stage Hazards Off
2 Bans, no DSR
Radar on
LAN Connection (If a player accuses lag during a match, both players need to submit a picture with their connection to prove they have a lan connection)
Starter Stages

Final Destination
Pokemon Stadium 2
Town and City
Counter-Pick Stages

Lylat Cruise
Kalos Pokemon League
Yoshi’s Story
Submitting Disputes:

Match disputes should be submitted by using Battlefy’s match dispute feature:
Click the “Report Match Issue” button on the Battlefy match page and use the private chat to speak with a eSports Gateway admin.
Message an admin on Discord — describe the issue, provide the Battlefy match link, and any relevant screenshots.
Players can report their own score


1st place: 1x digital item of choice

Personalized Logo
Twitch Offline Banner
Twitch Banner
Twitch Overlay
Twitch Starting Soon Screen
Youtube Banner
Youtube Thumbnails
Youtube End Card

To receive your prize – join the Discord and contact @Leadership

Delivery time for each digital prize is between 3-5 working days. Delivery time for physical goods up to 30 days


Select the games you play, click the reactions, gaining access to the chat rooms.