Engage fans in your own Tournament Series & have the possibility to earn revenue.
We help influencers stand out from the crowd and build memorable experiences with their fans. Grow your community, build follower loyalty and increase engagement through your own Esports Series.

Build your brand

Offer users a unique esports experience that will boost your popularity & convert new fans.

Grow your community

Leverage the exiting ESG fan base & attract new followers.

Own Events

Your events open up sponsorship opportunities, significantly boosting there value to both you and your audience.

Customer Service

Our professional admin team will take care of everything & provide world-class customer service to your audience – you just go on and play.

Tier 1 : 5000+ Followers

  • Access to ESG community *free advertising to 20,000 members*.
  • Announce you as a special guest.
  • Zero effort, you just play, we take care of the entire tournament.

Tier 2 : 10000+ Followers on any platform


  • Your very own branded Esports Tournament Series.
    Various revenue earning opportunities.
  • Zero effort – we take care of everything from tournament setup, to admin & customer service.
  • Access to ESG community – free advertising to 20,000 members.
  • Your own customer graphics (posters, logo, promotional materials etc.)
  • Possibility of custom merchandise design

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