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Regulile oficiale si Lista de premii

These tournament series will be structured in 8 Qualifiers and 1 Grand Final for each server. Americas and Europe

To purchase a ticket you need to check our shop.

To receive a join code for the Grand Final you need to win 1 qualifier or you can skip the line and purchase a ticket for just $3.99.

Whizbang: BANNED
Zayle, Shadow Cloak: BANNED
Single elimination bracket – Best of 3
Decks can be changed on Battlefy before the tournament registration ends.
Check-in for the tournaments starts 60 minutes before the tournament start time.
Players not checked in through Battlefty in time are remove the the tournament and will be replaced by checked in players on the waitlist in the order they registered.
Players must click ready on each match once a new opponent is given.
Match ready time :5 minutes
DC Time – Max 5 minutes

Match disputes should be submitted by using Battlefy’s match dispute feature:

  • Click the “Report Match Issue” button on the Battlefy match page and use the private chat to speak with a eSports Gateway admin.

  • Message an admin on Discord — describe the issue, provide the Battlefy match link, and any relevant screenshots.

  • Players can report their own score.

When purchasing a ticket you automatically receive your own personalized Gaming Logo worth $25.

Check our shop to purchase a ticket.

Grand Final:

1st place: 7 x packs (latest expansion) – 1 x HSReplay Sub, 1 x $50 Voucher (OWN3D TV)

2nd place: 1 x HSReplay Sub, 1 x $50 Voucher (OWN3D TV)

3’rd – 8’th place: 1x digital item of choice worth $25

Digital Items (All items are personalized):
Personalized Logo
Twitch Offline Banner
Twitch Banner
Twitch Overlay
Twitch Starting Soon Screen
Youtube Banner
Youtube Thumbnails
Youtube End Card

To receive your prize – join the Discord and contact @Leadership
Delivery time for each digital prize is between 3-5 working days. Delivery time for physical goods up to 30 days.


Luni, Februarie 15 Ora: 19:00


Duminica, Februarie 21 Ora: 17:00

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