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Spinning the wheel of fortune can bring you shards but in the same time can make you lose some. So careful  before hitting that spin button. You can spin the wheel only one time each 24h. Shards will be awarded or deducted automatically from your account. 


eSports Gateway wishes you good luck in getting all the buffs!



 Salvation:+500 Shards

Hand of death:-500 Shards

 Devotion:+200 Shards

Life Drain:-200 Shards

 Purify:+100 Shards

Stun:-100 Shards

 Seal of strength:+80 Shards

Death pact:-80 Shards

 Swiftness:+60 Shards

Entangle:-60 Shards

 Holy might:+50 Shards

Shadow pact:-50 Shards

 Dash:+40 Shards

Blood pact:-40 Shards
 Sprint:+30 Shards

      Blessing of the Death:-30 Shards
 Blessing of wisdom:+20 Shards

Soul Burn:-20 Shards
Mark of the Archon:+10 Shards
Plague:-10 Shards
Daily Buff / Debuff
Kindly get back to your previous orientation view... your wheel is rolling there...

A buff will always bring your shards!
Buff or Debuff
Before you hit spin, you should be aware that you can lose shards as well, not only win! Make sure you check out the Buffs and Debuffs page.
* You can spin the wheel only once a day.
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